Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica

I was in Los Angeles for meetings, and meetings alone.

I was unfortunate enough to have a slight relapse in my 'flu somewhere between leaving JFK and landing in LAX, and managed to completely lose my voice. That's ten hours of meetings where I sounded like a cross between a barking dog and a horse whisperer. Not cool.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be staying at the very trendy Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, which was delightful respite to come home to in the evenings.

The mammoth bed was a pleasure to sink into at night, and the marbled bathroom was kitted out with just the right amount of goodies to pamper and soak away the day.

I can't speak more highly of my lovely Antler luggage from the Bond Street collection (purchased at Sirocco Leather in Melbourne). These bags are sturdy, stylish and constantly rise to the challenge of carrying home purchases from unexpected shopping excursions.

The main bathroom in the lobby was a sight to behold, with emerald green tiling and a snazzy sink that extended from the women's bathroom into the men's. On the Friday night it was full of glamorous girls reapplying their lipstick and jooszing their hair.

The outdoor dining and drinks area was plush.

I spent the Friday evening before my flight folded into an armchair by the pool, replenishing my vitamin levels by ordering the healthiest items on the menu I could find and drinking green tea. It was wild.

Viceroy Santa Monica
1819 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica California 90401 
T +1 310 260 7500
Reservations +1 800 670 6185

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  1. What a STUNNING hotel!!! if only my house could look like that..

  2. Hmmm... What a shame, my comments got deleted as part of that whole Blogger fiasco the other day. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again! xx

  3. oh gosh, the hotel looks absolutely stunning! Just checked the hotel rates, way out of budget for me. :(

  4. This Hotel really accommodates you well, from the positive things you've just said . I should go and check this and see for myself....Thanks.

  5. @Akisa - I know, right? Divine.

    @Kimmy - I was very lucky to be there on business!!

    @Hotel Guide - Yes, do check it out, they were lovely, to the point of bringing me free tea and honey when I lost my voice. So helpful.


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