Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exhibition: The art of fashion illustration

Every so often a press release arrives containing a nugget of gold.

Last week, Mara Sison, the curator at the Melbourne Fine Art Gallery (MFA), wrote to inform me of an exhibition being held showcasing the art of fashion illustration.

I adore fashion illustrations. Remember the commemorative 50th edition of Vogue Australia featuring four different versions of Cate Blanchett, sketched by David Downton? I bought all four versions.

So today I headed into the city (in between heavy rainstorms) to check out the exhibition. With me I dragged a willing accomplice, the always-enthusiastic Cheryl from Business Chic.

Our anticipation only increased as we tiptoed up the narrow wooden flight of stairs into a space which, upon first inspection, appeared to have been plucked from a Parisian apartment block. The enormous skylights and warm wooden floorboards welcomed us enthusiastically, as did the gallery owner's daughter, who was minding the space for the afternoon.

The exhibition was lovely. Drawings dating from the turn of the century showcased theatrical costumes from the likes of the Moulin Rouge, while later sketches depicted fashion from Paris in the 1940s.

The exhibition runs until this Friday the 29th of April, so do check it out if you have the chance. And even if you can't get there in time for this particular collection, pop your head in sometime just to enjoy the gloriously Parisian atmosphere. Like all good things in Melbourne, the unassuming entrance gives nothing away.

French Fashion and Design: The Art of Fashion Illustration

The exhibition will be open until April 29.

Venue: MFA, 422 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 12 – 6pm, Sunday 2 – 6pm (Or by appointment)
Admission: Free

EDIT: I've just been informed that the exhibition has been extended until the 29th of April.

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  1. I am in love with fashion illustration at the moment and desperately seeking any and every course i can find! Would love to visit the melbourne exhibitions, looks/sounds amazing.

    Love the new banner by the way! x

  2. Oh really?! What a coincidence! Have you found any courses in Singapore? How are you settling in over there? I'll pop over to your blog now to check out any recent updates I may have missed.

    Poppy xox

    PS thanks for the header complement - I'm doing a "soft launch" at the moment while I work out a few other things... Still tweaking! xx

  3. Hi,

    Please see my works if you have a moment ! :)

    Kind regards,



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