Sunday, October 10, 2010

Up and Comers Fashion Show

The Up and Comers network supports independent Australian designers trying to break into the local fashion industry.

Originally conceived as a monthly market, last Wednesday night marked the first formal fashion show for the group.

Sportsgirl gift bags lined up prior to the show

The night was organised as a charity event, with all proceeds going to the Ardoch Youth Foundation.  The Ardoch Youth Foundation works to support children and young people so that they can receive an education - something that many of us take for granted. You can apply as a volunteer here.

The designers who showed their collections are already starting to turn heads in the local fashion scene. The lineup consisted of Lilyhart, Melia by Night, Tobey, Borsha, Modernist, Harvest Powell, My Sister Pat, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes, and Future Romance.

The evening was great fun, despite the appalling weather (the heavy rain caused the roof in the ladies' bathroom to virtually collapse!) We bumped into Cheryl from Business Chic before the show started, and she sat down and made us one of her handcrafted business cards on the spot. Such dedication!

With my official media pass I was able to get some good snaps of each collection, which I'll post separately.

Twitpiccing my view of the runway

Up and Comers Market
Saturday 13th November 11am - 5pm
Ormond Hall (Next to Belgian Beer Café)
557 St Kilda Rd (enter via Moubray St)

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  1. Hey lovely, great post and thanks for having me innit! I've returned the favour - hope you and Stef are in favour;) Hope all is going well and speak soon!


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