Saturday, November 28, 2009

The spoils of war

Shopping expedition today was successful, to say the least. Originally intended to be mainly Christmas shopping, I also found a few goodies for myself.

1. Gorgeous dress made from vintage silk from Monkhouse Designs. Label is Australian: Boogi. Not heard of it before, but apparently the label maintains a commitment to the environment by sourcing local vintage and one-off fabrics. Find out more from their website, here. The dress even came with its own lavender wardrobe scent pouch!

2. Cute crystal bracelet with black silky ribbon. Perfect accessory to #1, when combined with black patent heels (see pic below). Purchased from Friends of Couture, the bracelet was designed by What Studio.

3. A Boston Original Pocket Umbrella, in Snow Leopard print. My old one broke last night while I was at the Royal Saxon - a causality of after work drinks!

 4. A selection of greeting cards from Kleen Designs. Some are for Christmas, one is for a wedding I am attending soon, and the other is for Miles' birthday early next year. Wow, I am so organised.

5. Miles' Christmas present. Can't say too much more right now, given it is supposed to be a surprise.

6. Quirky Melissa plastic black flats, with removable clicky bows. These were just too unique to pass up! Plus, they smell like bubblegum. Melissa has also collaborated with Vivienne Westwood to create an even more eye-catching range. Lady Melbourne has a picture a pair in her latest post.

7. New pair of Havaianas - more of a utilitarian purchase since my last pair snapped at the beach the other weekend. I'm surprise they lasted that long to be honest - that pair had travelled the world with me in 2007 on my Big Trip.

8. Grazia magazine, purchased so I could see what they said about Liberty London Girl who is features # 9 on their list of "Our 20 favourite fashion blogs". Congratulations!

Favourite purchase by far though is the Boogi dress.

[Note: in retrospect, it looks as though I am channelling Zorba the Greek's dance moves. Must work to improve my photographic poses.]

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  1. I don't think I've ever managed to go Christmas shopping without buying a heap of things for myself at the same time. At least it's easy to justify!


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