Sunday, November 1, 2009

My new luxury: exercise

While I was at The Firm, I had neither the time nor the inclination to exercise regularly. Exhausted from the late nights, I would occasionally go for a 20 minute jog on the weekends. Although I didn't put on weight, I felt unhealthy and sluggish.

Strangely enough, despite everyone working too hard and eating rich restaurant food every night, The Firm was full of relatively healthy-looking people. I put this down to the anxious, over-achieving types that The Firm specialises in hiring. You were either a natural sportsperson, or so stressed out that you probably worried the fat right off your body. Others were just desperate to regain some balance in their lives, and would squeeze their exercise and fresh air in at the most unlikely of times. A friend of mine set a goal to cycle to and from work at least three times a week. Given that we were working late most nights, she would often end up cycling home at 2 or 3am. Another, C, pays for gold-class gym membership at the Grand Hyatt, calling the facilities her "personal Mecca". After a late night, she treats herself to a taxi-ride into the city when going to early morning gym classes.

Now that I no longer spend 80+ hours a week in the office, I have taken up yoga, indoor rockclimbing, and more regular running. My new job offers yoga classes AT WORK, and subsidises the cost. Fabulous. I've never excelled at the typical Australian team sports. I lack the basic coordination required. I put this down to the fact my English father has always encouraged us in slightly more off-beat activities; sailing, hiking and climbing were de-rigour in our household, rather than netball, hockey or cricket.

Although my fitness flirtation may wear off, at the moment I am revelling in the fact I have the luxury of being healthy and active. Long may it last.

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  1. I have just started my new get healthy program too! I am trying to dedicate an hour a day to some form of exercise. I wish I could get free Yoga classes though....


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